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Christi Lang Designs - How We Got Started

My name is Christi Lang and I have always loved handbags.  For years, I have searched for a bag that was not only beautiful, but also met my organizational needs.  After years of parenting, work and travel, I realized that I was not the only person who could never find anything in her bag, thus, I decided to design a bag to eliminate this frustration.  These Italian leather handbags are sensational and there is something "Zen" like when you open the bag.  One of my customers sent the following comment,


"I cannot explain the peacefulness that I now feel when I open my handbag.  It is calming to have every item at your fingertips.  This is the one area of my life where I have complete control.  I can find my keys, even in the dark!  I answer my cell phone on the first ring because it is within easy reach and not at the bottom of a black hole.  My sunglasses are not scratched because I can effortlessly drop them into the built in case." (Caroline K.)


Yes, this bag is sophisticated on the outside, but the reason to buy this bag is because of the way it will make you feel every time you reach for something in your bag. . peaceful, calm, and in control!


These one of a kind bags are made in Italy by the same manufacturers working on the world’s top 50 fashion brands.  The workmanship on these Italian handbags is impeccable.  This is a beautiful fusion of design and function only found in the Christi Lang brand.   The fact that you can effortlessly find any item in this handbag eliminates a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress!

The classic style and  innovative interior will make this  Italian handbag an organizational luxury that you will not want to be without!  Please enjoy!

Form meets function.  Finally. 



*** Patent Pending ***

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