About Us

Christi Lang Designs - How We Got Started

A renowned world traveler, decorator, and inventor, Christi Lang has a penchant for aesthetics and for organization.  After years of searching for a handbag that was not only beautiful, yet functional, she launched Christi Lang Designs in 2011 to create the perfect handbag.  Emboldened, Lang set out to build a company that empowered women, radiated sophistication, and imbued organization. 

Lang’s handbags are the epitome of luxury.  Constructed of fine Italian calf leather, each handbag is hand-sewn in Florence, Italy.  Every handbag includes 10 individual interior pockets, specifically designed for daily essentials, including a cell phone, lipstick, readers, hand sanitizer, fingernail file, lotion, notepad, pen, brush, tissues, and various other feminine incidentals.  A large exterior side pocket accommodates a planner, and provides easy access for receipts or other essential documents.  Furthermore, four strategically placed “feet” keep the handbag from ever resting on the ground.

Each handbag also includes a mini-purse that is designed to hold a driver’s license, credit card, hotel key, make-up and similar incidentals.  This mini-purse can be detached from the main handbag and fastened around the wrist, rendering it ideal for travel, international or otherwise.

Each handbag has been strategically outfitted with an imported, German-made magnet that holds keys on one side of the interior and a flexible, yet protective sunglasses case attaches with a snap on the other.  Due to the innovative zipper design, both can be easily accessed when the purse is closed.

Christi Lang handbags are available in a classic yet chic color palette   Let this gorgeous handbag keep you organized wherever you go.